If you are coming to study a full-time course for six months or more at City you will need a Student visa. Some part-time courses at Level 7 are eligible as well.

Please note that online courses are not eligible for Student visa sponsorship.

Applying for the Student visa should be straightforward as long as you are prepared. Our specialist international adviser team are on hand to guide you.

They are experienced at helping students with a variety of immigration queries and making sure you have all the relevant documents in the correct format.

Support through your Student visa application process

  • You will have access to a specialised international adviser team who’ll support you in your Student visa application and any other immigration queries you may have
  • Our team consists of trained advisers with many years of experience advising students on Student visa applications, extensions and other student and student-related immigration matters. We are the only City, University of London staff authorised to provide immigration advice to students.

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Step 1 - Receive your conditional offer

Once you receive your conditional offer to study with us you can start to prepare for your visa application by reading information on our website. If you prepare early you will have a better chance of getting your Student Visa on time.

Step 2 - Meet the conditions of your offer

Once you have met the conditions of your offer, you will receive a CAS Confirmation email advising you of your next steps. Prior to this, some students (The Business School, MSc Programmes) will also receive a link to complete a CAS request form online.

Please note that we will start issuing CASs approximately 3 months before your course due date.

Step 3 - Complete an online Student Visa Module

You will be asked to watch a tutorial video and then pass a 10 question quiz in order to support you with your visa application. Please note that this must be completed by you independently – another person, including an agent, cannot do this for you.

Step 4 - Accept T&Cs and upload copy of your passport

You will be asked to read and accept the Terms and Conditions. You will also need to provide a copy of your valid passport that you will be using in your visa application.

Step 5 - We let you know if you need to supply financial documents

Some students need to provide financial documents when applying for a Student Visa and if you do, we will request them from you as part of the CAS Confirmation email.  We will then review them and provide advice to you.

Don't send us any financial documents unless we ask you for them.

If we do need to check  your financial documents, we can only issue a CAS once the document has met the visa requirements, and we will help you to understand the requirements during the process.

Find out more about the financial requirements.

Step 6 - CAS issued and you can apply for a Student Visa

If we have everything we need and you meet the visa requirements, we will email you a CAS statement as soon as possible.

If you need any information about your CAS, please contact your Admissions Officer/Course Office.

Please note that the deadline for issuing CASs is 8 September 2024. Please note that some courses will have an earlier deadline so please check with your Admissions Officer.